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Sample Maid of Honor Speech

If you've ever had a best friend (whether it be your best friend, mother, your sister, cousin, or someone else), you know how much you love and care about them. Well, there is no greater honor than being asked by your best friend to be her maid of honor and as her maid of honor, you owe her a special duty. The duty to give her an emotionally stirring account of your relationship that clearly demonstrates the strong bond that the two of you possess. You owe it to her to talk about your friendship, the history behind it and how much you want her to be happy. You also owe it to express your complete and utter joy for her union and tell the groom how lucky he is to have found such a wonderful mate.

The following is a heartfelt example of a speech written from one poetic friend to another that truly exemplifies the beauty of friendship, love, and marriage:

We live in a time when very little in life is considered sacred. One thing must remain so, however, or all the world disintegrates is the union of two people in holy matrimony. So today, we celebrate the most sacred of all agreements.I congratulate you, (Bride and Groom), on your precious and lifelong journey and commend you for the courage it has taken for each of you to find one another and join as one. And now, it is with the greatest of joys that we celebrate along with you as you embrace a very serious love. My wish for you both is that this love will continue to flourish and that those of us here today will be inspired to renew the love in our own lives.I love you deeply (Bride). In you I have found a sister, nurse, teacher, friend, therapist, comedienne and partner-in-crime. Most importantly, a soul with whom my own feels at home. You are unlike anyone I have ever met, or am likely to meet. Your presence in my life over the past years has impacted me greatly. I love you deeply. (Groom), your bride is a gift to you. You are asked to love this woman so that she might find herself as she was created, so beautiful, strong, brave and true, that the entire world may be blessed by the presence of a woman who shines so. May she relax in your arms and know that from this day forward, there is one on whose love she can depend forever.


As illustrated by this sample maid of honor speech, the tone and content of the speech can reflect the personality of both the writer and the bride, be as simple or fanciful as desired, and most importantly, express the sentiment between close friends. Making the speech a celebration of love is always fitting for a wedding day, and on this theme you can incorporate many great quotes or pieces of poetry if you do not feel comfortable writing your own. Many resources are available online or at your library, so have fun browsing some romantic literature in the name of this special occasion.


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